Donate to Freedom From the MATRIX by 2045 for All Humanity

The Ashtar Command and the Collective Christ channel the FREEDOM From the MATRIX by 2045 for all Humanity Program through Alexandriah Stahr on a daily basis. This work is energetically demanding as she both monitors her private clients as well as the status of all Humanity. Although the energy exchange she receives from her private clients makes her work possible, it also goes toward balancing their personal karma. The work she does on a planetary basis is done without compensation and is the reason it goes at a much slower pace. If you live on this planet, Alexandriah's work has already benefited you. You can thank her for her work and tithe to balance your own personal karma by making a donation to the Star-Essence Temple. Any and all amounts will help support this Planetary Effort. Consider that whatever donation you make will help with the physical needs of Rev. Alexandriah Stahr and the Star-Essence Temple but on an energy level is an energetic exchange with the Collective Christ and will go toward balancing your personal karma and that of Humanity.

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