11.7.16 Donald Trump Evil Soul Identities Cartoon

Hello Everyone

As I have said in previous messages, I have had the “Truth Ray” set up around Donald Trump and his followers and supporters over the course of the election process so that the “Truth” of who Donald Trump is would be revealed on national TV. His poisonous words and energy have been damaging not just to Hillary Clinton but to our country and our democracy as a whole.

As I have followed the election process, I have actively stripped away his false exteriors in an ongoing “soul reading” so that it would be obvious to anyone who cared to look. I say reading NOT clearing as he is NOT Redeemable and any clearing would improve him and this is/was not the goal. The goal is to show the truth of who he is and have him fall from grace as the dark force power monger that he is before he could get into the White House and do the real damage to the United States and the world that he intended to do.

Donald Trump, under no circumstances, is acceptable to be in any position of power as he is evil incarnate in a human form. Since his most recent past life is as "Hitler," all you have to do is google Hitler’s rise to power and you would see that Trump has been campaigning the same way Hitler did. In fact, it was reported by his previous wife in Vanity Faire Magazine that Trump kept a copy of Hitler’s Speeches on his bed stand and read from it frequently before going to sleep. Again these things I claim are easily verified by googling it.

The cartoon characterization below gives you a visual of how many energies, lives and incarnations can be embodied in one individual. To those of you who know that past lives exist, this cartoon is just peeling away a few of the layers of who he is. It should certainly be enough to give everyone pause for thought.


The first level is as a “Grey Controller” which is why he has such a core base of followers. Many years ago, in the 1990’s, when I did more work with Grey Abductees, I was told that 40% of American Public were Grey Abductees and Government Programmed Multiples. I had no idea at the time that that 40% would be responsible for an “almost take over” of our American Political Process. I have also observed in recent years how the “mass shootings” that have dominated our news, were always done by “Grey Abductees.” In every shooting, when I have checked the soul identity of the shooter, they are always Grey Abductees with Government Programmed Multiple Programming.

I am not saying that Grey Abductees are evil. What I am saying is that Grey Abductees are easily manipulated by their Grey Controllers because of their Grey Abductee Programming. This then is how the “New World Order” is advanced, the Grey/Annunakki Controllers and the Grey Abductees as “worker bees” doing “terrible things” so that they can take away our rights and pass harsher laws. This then has been the “slow process.”

Donald Trump represents radical anarchy so that the public would call for a “strong dictator” to “protect us” so that he could pass “extremely harsh laws” that would trample on our constitution and destroy our democracy. Dethroning of Donald Trump is imperative to avoid the blatant Grey Alien Earth Reality that he represents.

This then was the first level of Donald Trump that was revealed to me. If you ever listened to any of his speeches and then listened to the media analysis afterwards, they began calling him the “latest pied piper of dog whistle politics.” Trumps “dog whistle” can only be heard by Grey Abductees which, if they still make up 40% of Americans, then this makes up his loyal core supporters. Throw in the wide spread Draconian Influence of hatred such as Draconian Misogyny within the Religious Right Reptilian Republicans and Satanic and Demonic Influences which the Collective Christ has been clearing over the last few months and you can see why the 2016 Election Race has been so close as we come down to the wire. Tomorrow, November 8, 2016 will go down in history as the day America proves Love “Trumps” Hate!!!!

To any and all Grey Abductees reading this. Please dont take this as a condemnation of you. I am here to help you! It breaks my heart that after 30 years of devoting my life to removing all types of Alien Implants and in particular Grey Alien Implants, that it has not made a bigger difference. I now see that this issue needs to be addressed on a Planetary Level.

Since I support myself and my ministry from the donations given in exchange for my work and the energy I channel. The planetary work that I do, is done without pay and takes longer as my first priority is my private clients who recognize and appreciate the work I do for them.  If you would like to contribute to the planetary work that I do, you can go to:


The norm of Humanity are NOT Grey Abductees and can see who Trump is. I wanna say that "Grey Abductee Lightworkers" are not the ones doing doing the shootings BUT you are also more likely to be really deep in the Illuminatti Conspiriacies and live in a really paranoid reality that mistrusts "the establishment."  Yes it is corrupt but anarchy is not the way to fix it. Get your Implants Removed through the 2 Week Fast Track and join the Monthly Star Team to Get Free From the MATRIX and you will have a far different view of reality. 

Grey Abductees need help to be freed from the Grey Abductee MATRIX Reality. I can guarantee you that I can help you get Free from Grey Alien Implants and Free you from the Grey Alien MATRIX Reality. If you have been a reader of this newsletter for some time...what are you waiting for? What is it going to take for you to realize that you are NOT "special" by being a Grey Abductee, you are a mind controlled slave and need to get your Alien Implants removed through Alexandriah's 2 Week Fast Track.   Just because you have learned to "live with them," does not make it ok. Every level of your life is influenced by them and life could be so much better!

Blessings in the Christ

Alexandriah Stahr

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