Alexandriah Stahr is the Christ Conscious Healer and Channel for the Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process and all Ashtar Command Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Technology.

Alexandriah Stahr - Commander Star-Esseenia

Alexandriah Stahr is the conscious embodiment of Commander Star-Esseenia, the daughter of Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command. She is known on the higher dimensions as Commander Star-Esseenia, Quadrant Commander for the Healing Division of the Ashtar Command. As such, Commander Alexandriah Stahr, has access to all of the healing modalities of the Ashtar Command to assist her with her clients.

On the Earth level, Rev. Alexandriah Stahr is the founder and director of the Star-Essence Temple of Living Light, previously known as Star-Esseenia Temple of Ascension Mastery. The Star-Essence Temple of Living Light is a spiritual network of Christ Conscious individuals dedicated to Getting Free From the MATRIX. Members of the Star-Essence Temple’s Monthly Star Team Program act as Lightholders in support of the Ashtar Command ‘s Planetary Mission of Freeing Humanity From the MATRIX by 2045.  

Alexandriah Stahr is known for pioneering the Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process as well as for channeling through the continually evolving Star Team Program with Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing technology from the Ashtar Command.

Alexandriah’s Mission in this lifetime is to Free herself, her clients and all Humanity from the MATRIX by 2045. Getting your Etheric Implants and Alien Implants and Imprints removed is the First Step in Getting Free From the MATRIX. 

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