The history of Alexandriah Stahr and the Alien Implant Removal Process began in 1984 when she first began her work with the Ashtar Command now known as the Solar Star Command.

Alexandriah Stahr’s early work started with channeling through the Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process in 1992. It is still the most comprehensive work of its kind and removes all types of Alien Implants, UFO Implants and Implants and Imprints also known as, Spiritual Limitation Devices.  The Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process is included in Alexandriah’s 2 Week Fast Track Program and is the First Step in Getting Free From the MATRIX.

From 1999 to the present, the work expanded to view Alien Implant Removal as part of a larger issue of limitation called The MATRIX.  Alien Implant Removal is simply the First Step in getting Free From the MATRIX.  Since 1999, the primary focus of Rev. Alexandriah Stahr and the Ashtar Command -Solar Star Command has been to dismantle this MATRIX System on a planetary level and to remove the MATRIX Programming within Alexandriah’s clients so that they can be FREE from the MATRIX and the Luciferion control and limitation it represents.

Currently, the work of Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing consists of removing the Matrix Programs and Systems that contain the “experience” of being Implanted or of being a Grey Abductee, which is a much more comprehensive way of dealing with Alien Implant Removal Issue than removing them one by one. All people have Implants and Imprints from various Alien Groups and there are “millions” of them that influence you unless and until, they are removed.

These Implants and Imprints, also known as, “Spiritual Limitation Devices” allow for “attunement to” and “influence by” various Alien Groups.  These Alien Implants open channels of communication and influence with the particular Alien Group that the Alien Implant belongs to.  When you are under the influence of an Alien Group, through their Alien Implants, you are unable to “discern” that you are under their influence. This is why spiritual discernment is so important and why it is difficult to impossible to discern if you have Implants and Imprints within your consciousness.  

Once the Alien Implants and Imprints are removed, your vibration rises and your ability to discern increases, revealing what was previously hidden from you. Most people go through the process and feel lifted and enlivened by the process.  They are grateful for the “Divine Intervention” that Alexandriah Stahr’s Alien Implant Removal Process within her 2 Week Fast Track can provide.

In the case of Grey Abductees, their ability to discern varies. Most are aware they have many problems and health issues but they are not always aware of its source. Even when the Grey Abductees are aware, the Greys wield a powerful hold over their Grey Abductee Victims.  The Greys often times fight back by making their Grey Abductee fear the Alien Implant Removal Process and “act out” as lifetimes of memories and feelings come to the surface.

For people who have reached a level of mature spiritual development within yourself, where you are committed to your healing process, then Alexandriah’s ability and experience will guide you through the Alien Implant Removal Process to its successful outcome.

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