Lord Sananda is the Christ Teacher for the Earth.  Lord Sananda is ever present in the Christed Realms to guide the Earth and Humanity back to the Christ Vibration. Lord Sananda is also known as Lord Sananda Kumara and is recognized in the Christed Realms as the Cosmic Christ and Head of the Collective Christ.  Lord Sananda is the Cosmic Name for the one we know as Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ who came to the Earth 2000 years ago to bring his message of the Power of Love to all humanity. As Head of the Collective Christ, Lord Sananda comes forth again to return his teachings to the Earth through his current messenger, Alexandriah Stahr. As such Alexandriah Stahr is known as the Voice of Lord Sananda and the Collective Christ.”

These teachings are about how to develop a Christed Relationship with Lord Sananda as your personal guide and mentor and how to be a Christed Being of Light on the Earth in human form. Lord Sananda returns to lead the way beyond 2012 into the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality. The name Lord Sananda was given to his original channel, Sister Thedra, back in the late 1950’s.  Sister Thedra devoted her life to bringing forth the awareness of Lord Sananda as the Cosmic Christ and the messages He sent through her.  In 1961, He allowed a picture of his appearance to be taken which is shown below.

Lord Sananda

Lord Sananda – Christ Teacher for the Earth

About Lord Sananda and the Collective Christ

Lord Sananda is Alexandriah’s primary guide along with Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command Star Team Masters. Lord Sananda is who verifies Alexandriah’s discernment when she works with clients and identifies their soul identity.

The Collective Christ is the Collective Christ Consciousness of all Beings of Light who remain loyal to Original Mother-Father Creator Source and the Divine Plan, both here on Earth and in the higher dimensions, before and since the Luciferian Rebellion. Lord Sananda is the Head of the Collective Christ which includes the Ashtar Command, Galactic Command, Intergalactic Command, now collectively referred to as the Solar Star Command, Ascended Masters of Light, Angels of Light, Elementals and Nature Spirits of Light, all Beings of Light and all Christed Souls within humanity. As the Cosmic Christ, Head of the Collective Christ and Christ Teacher for the Earth, Lord Sananda administers the Divine Plan of Original Mother-Father Creator Source for the Earth.