The Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process with Alexandriah Stahr removes all Alien Implants all at once to begin the process of Getting Free from the MATRIX.

This website will give you updated information from the Ashtar Command about their Alien Implant Removal Process. Alexandriah Stahr has been removing Alien Implants and regular  Implants and Imprints, also referred to as Spiritual Limitation Devices, since 1989. Over the years, Alexandriah Stahr has identified numerous Etheric Implants, Alien Implants, UFO Implants and Implants and Imprints from all types of unChristed Alien Races who have been controlling and manipulating mankind for eons of time. As the list of unChristed Dark Force Aliens grew, the list of Etheric Implants, Alien Implants and Spiritual Limitations Devices grew as well. This created the need for the Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process to adapt to these new levels of dark force interference as they were revealed.

In 1999, Alexandriah Stahr discovered “The MATRIX” as revealed by the movie The MATRIX and started removing MATRIXES which contain the experience of  Implants and Implants also known as Spiritual Limitation Devices and the specialized MATRIX for Grey Abductees and Government Programmed Multiples. This new way of removing Etheric Implants and Alien Implants as a MATRIX and the specialized Grey Abductee MATRIX and Government Programmed Multiple MATRIX is included in Alexandriah Stahr's 2 Week Fast Track Series which removes all Etheric Implants, Alien Implants and all types of Implants and Imprints all at once.  It sets the foundation for the continuing MATRIX Removal that is needed for Grey Abductees and Government Programmed Multiples and begins the process of getting FREE from the MATRIX.

Alexandriah Stahr’s current Alien Implant Removal Process consists of removing the MATRIX and all related MATRIX Programs that create the reality of being Implanted and is included in her 2 Week Fast Track Program.

To understand the distinction between Alien Implants and Alien Implant MATRIXES, let me give you the following definitions.

An Implant is a single Spiritual Limitation Device designed to block your energy, control or manipulate you, or limit your access to Christ Vibrations in some way.  The Implant itself opens an unChristed Channel into your energy field where the Alien who controls the Etheric Implant or Alien Implant can control and influence you.  

An Imprint is the energetic memory pattern of the Etheric Implant or Alien Implant or Spiritual Limitation Device.

Spiritual Limitation Device is a term that Alexandriah Stahr coined to refer to any Etheric Implant or Alien Implant or any other type of Energetic Limitation Device which controls or limits its victim in some way.

The MATRIX is the Master MATRIX System, just like the movie, which controls the collective reality we all live in. The MATRIX is a computer generated reality which controls unlimited numbers of programs, realities and controls for every person, place or thing within All of Reality.

A MATRIX is a singular program which generates a MATRIX Reality and much like a movie projector, it projects a movie on a movie screen. You then play out your role in the MATRIX Movie.  Whatever the MATRIX is programmed with, it will create that reality until the MATRIX Program is identified and removed by the Ashtar Command Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Technology with Alexandriah Stahr.  

There is a specific MATRIX called “Implants and Imprints MATRIX” which contains regular Spiritual Limitation Devices and which when it is removed with the Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process with Alexandriah Stahr, it removes all Implants and Imprints all at once, just like shutting down the movie projector would shut down the movie.

In addition, there are specific MATRIXES for “Grey Abductees” and also for “Government Programmed Multiples.” Although these MATRIXES can be removed all at once, and the removal of the Implants and Imprints they contain will give immediate relief, the deeper effects of their programming is interwoven with other MATRIXES which still makes dealing with Grey Abductee Issues and Government Programmed Multiple Issues an ongoing process. After your Grey UFO Implants are removed and your Abductee and Government Programmed Multiple MATRIXES are removed, the Ashtar Command Monthly Star Team Program with ongoing Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing is available to you for you to join.  

The Monthly Star Team Program is still the most affordable, effective and permanent solution there is to end your pain and begin your process of Getting FREE from the MATRIX. This Alien Implant Removal website was created to bring attention back to the Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process for those who need it.

What About Other Types of Alien Implant Removal?

Over the years, Alexandriah Stahr has seen many other healers claim to be removing Etheric Implants and Alien Implants but just as in the early 1990’s, when Alexandriah first pioneered Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process, there is no other more powerful technology than that which comes from the Ashtar Command.  Others may claim to remove Etheric Implants, Alien Implants, UFO Implants and Implants and Imprints but if the practitioner themselves are unChristed Souls then what they are really doing is removing the lower level Implants and Imprints from the Reptilians and replacing them with Etheric Implants and Alien Implants from higher level dark force Alien Groups like the Andromedans and the Annunakkis which are the original creators and controllers of the MATRIX here on Earth.  

The Ashtar Command and their technology come from the Christ Vibration and is the only technology that can completely free people from unChristed Etheric Implants, Alien Implants and Implants and Imprints. Do NOT get your Implants and Imprints removed from any other practitioner until you at least schedule a First Time Caller Special: Alien Implant Removal Consultation with Alexandriah Stahr.  

Even those who claim to be Ashtar Command and call themselves Ashtar Galactic Command are in actuality from the unChristed Andromedon High Command falsely claiming to be the Ashtar Command.  These unChristed Andromedons will simply add Andromedon Implants and Imprints to your energy field and put you under their influence through their false healers, channels and teachers.  Only the Christ Vibration of the true Ashtar Command can remove all Alien Implants and Imprints.  Don’t be fooled!  Insist on only Christ Vibration Alien Implant Removal from the true Ashtar Command with Alexandriah Stahr.

In 1999 as Alexandriah Stahr began focusing her attention on the Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing, she stopped writing about Alien Implant Removal because it became secondary, to her, to the Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing that she was doing at that time. Since it was included in her 2 Week Fast Track, she did not put as much emphasis on it as she had before. Of course she spoke of it to her clients when they went through the 2 Week Fast Track Program, but she did not go into very much detail on her website as once the 2 Week Fast Track was completed, Etheric Implants, UFO Implants, Alien Implants and other types of Spiritual Limitation Devices were no longer an issue.

Just as Spirit brought to Alexandriah’s attention the need to write her first and only Alien Implant Removal book called Implants and Imprints: A healer’s view of Ascension Clearing (c) 1996, Spirit again brought her attention to several current websites that are encouraging people to have surgery to have their Grey Alien Implants Removed. This is a horrible idea! Not only are you subjecting yourself to the trauma of surgery but unless you go through the spiritual release work necessary to remove your UFO Implants and Alien Implants, the Greys will simply re-abduct you and re-implant you.

Alexandriah Stahr has over 30 years of experience with Alien Implant Removal and removing all forms of unChristed Spiritual Limitation Devices. Do not allow yourself to be duped or injured, in the case of surgery, when an easy and effective method for Alien Implant Removal exists only a phone call away. Call for your First Time Caller Special: Alien Implant Removal Consultation with Alexandriah Stahr today and get all of your questions answered and start your real journey of getting free from Alien Implant Control and the larger issue of Getting Free From the MATRIX.