UFO Abductee aka Grey Abductee is any person of any age, cultural or nationality, who is taken and or manipulated by Aliens and or government agents without their consent.

The term UFO Abductee will be used interchangeably with Grey Abductee throughout this article as they are basically the same.

2016 Update

Alexandriah Stahr is again accepting clients that are UFO Abductees aka Grey abductees. Her new work with Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing enables her to not only remove all types of Grey Implants, UFO Implants and Alien Implants and Imprints but remove the programming and the whole MATRIX reality that goes along with it. This is very exciting as removing Grey Implants, UFO Implants and Implants and Imprints is only the first step of the process for UFO Abductees aka Grey Abductees getting FREE from the MATRIX.  Call Alexandriah today for up to date information on how you can become free from the MATRIX Reality of Alien Abduction and being a UFO Abductee aka Grey Abductee.

Help UFO Abductees and Grey Abductees

Originally published on Alexandriah Stahr's Website www.star-esseenia.org 1996 – 2016

Over the last 30 years, one of the areas that I have become an expert in, by default, is in assisting UFO Abductees aka Grey Abductees. I say by default, because my main focus is on the Ascension Process and the Alien Abduction Issue is just one of the many ways that people have gotten themselves trapped in in this Duality Reality. I also would like to state, that I myself have never been a UFO Abductee, which makes me less susceptible to their influence when I am freeing someone from that form of bondage. This is important to know, because the Grey Aliens are a group mind consciousness and past UFO Abductees can sometimes re-stimulate their own Alien Abduction programming by trying to assist other UFO Abductees.

More About UFO Abductees aka Grey Abductees?

A UFO Abductee aka Grey Abductee is any person, of any age, any cultural or national background, who is taken or otherwise manipulated by aliens and or government agents without their consent. Alien abductions may occur one or more times throughout the UFO Abductee’s lifetime. UFO Abduction runs in families.  If one family member is affected, there is a 99% chance they are all affected, although to varying degrees. Implanting Alien Implants with control or tracking devices is a major part of the UFO Abduction Experience. The Alien Implants from the Greys are always Astral Etheric and can also be physical. Because the Astral Etheric body overlays the physical body, sometimes they just “feel” physical. In either case, the Alien Implant Removal Process is the same.  The Alien Implant Removal Process will “remove” any Astral Etheric devices and will “neutralize” the programming of any physical Alien Implants.  My experience has been that within three months of going through the Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process during the 2 Week Fast Track, the body tends to expel, on its own, any physical Alien Implants that may exist.

Do not under any circumstances consider removing a physical Alien Implant surgically until you contact me for a First Time Caller Special: Alien Implant Removal Consultation.  I can save you money, not to mention the trauma to the body from surgery, plus the certainty of the UFO Implant being re-implanted if the spiritual clearing is not done first. Part of the Alien Implantation process is the “Karmic Contract” and MATRIX Agreement that goes along with it. If you have your UFO Implants aka Grey Implants surgically removed without dealing with the spiritual aspects of the Alien Abduction Experience first, than the Greys will simply abduct you again and re-implant you.

When I first started working with Alien Implant Removal in 1989, most of my clients had what I called the garden variety Implants and Imprints from the Reptilian and Draconians. Although these are “Aliens” too, they are not the ones we are talking about here when we talk about Alien Abductions.  About 1993, I started seeing an increase in clients coming to me that turned out to be Grey Abductees. Since that time, I would say that more than half of my clients that contact me for the first time are UFO Abductees aka Grey Abductees although they mostly are unaware of that fact. Why the increase? The Greys are coming more and more into our consciousness, check out how many T.V. shows and movies are Alien and UFO related.

According to my spiritual sources, 40% of the American population is affected and 60% of the Canadian population is affected. Although I didn’t start out to specialize in this area, I have become an “expert” by default.  Just don’t look for me at the UFO conferences, those tend to attract the “tire kickers” and the “researchers” still trying to “prove” that UFOs exist and now after 20 years of them trying to discredit me and my work, surgeons are offering to surgically remove Alien Implants.

Most of the people either giving or attending UFO conferences are UFO Abductees aka Grey Abductees, or are conscious agents, “Contactees” for them. I found most of them were too trapped to recognize help even when it was staring them in the face.  When I participated in several UFO conferences in 1994. Most of the other presenters, who now are either promoting their own version of Alien Implant Removal or encouraging people to go in for surgery, did their best to discredit me and my work at the time by denying that Alien Implants even existed.  My focus now in 2016 is on freeing people from the whole MATRIX Reality.  Being a UFO Abductee aka Grey Abductee is just one of the many negative scenarios that are part of the Earth MATRIX.

You need not have conscious memory to be a UFO Abductee or Grey Abductee. Grey Implants and UFO Implants like other types, are usually Astral or Etheric in nature. This is one reason why the UFO community is still trying to prove that UFOs actually exist. The Greys have the ability to change their vibrational rate so that they may seem physical at the time of the Alien Abduction. Many Alien Abduction Experiences are actually occurring in the dream state and happen to the astral body. Since the astral body directly affects the health of the physical body, you can have physical symptoms such as marks, blood, pain, etc.

It is interesting to note that Dr. Mackey, the psychiatrist who wrote the book, “Abduction,” which is a collection of his case histories, seems to agree that most Alien Abduction Experiences happen in the dream state. In almost all of his case histories, the client is relaying a dream experience, and yet Dr. Mackey, who people recognized as an expert because he was a psychiatrist, does not even address this point.  I consider this to be a huge oversight on his part, since it is this very fact that causes many people, including the UFO Abductees aka Grey Abductees, to discount these experiences as being “just a dream”.

It was channeled through me, from Commander Ashtar, from the beginning that these dream Alien Abductions make up the majority of cases and are therefore, much harder to prove and or believe. It is easier to say it was “just” a dream. Many times either during or after the Alien Implant Removal Process, people will remember these dreams that they had previously discounted. It is my policy, when I work with people at the Star-Essence Temple, on UFO Abductee aka Grey Abductee issues, particularly those who have no conscious memory, to give just enough information about the UFO Abductee experience so that they know it is real, and to what extent they have been affected, but not enough information for them to become obsessed with the idea. The reason for this is that I want people to move into the new reality of freedom and not obsess about the past UFO Abductee Grey Abductee Experience.  In order to do that, it is necessary to release the UFO Abductee Grey Abductee Experience.  Focusing your attention on the Greys, once the UFO Implants are removed or neutralized. could be interpreted by them as an invitation to return.

How do I know if I am a UFO Abductee aka Grey Abductee?

As I mentioned before, many UFO Abductees are unaware they are UFO Abductees. I also find that those people who are the most uncomfortable with the subject or insist that it can’t possibly be them, usually are UFO abductees aka Grey Abductees. Many people see Grey Aliens in the dream state or even in the waking state. Pay attention to your dreams! They are indicators of issues you have.

The following is a list of behavior symptoms that usually mean you are a UFO Abductee aka Grey Abductee.

1. Uncomfortable with the subject

2. Feel fear when the subject is brought up.

3. Chronic physical problems throughout life that the doctors can’t diagnose or cure

4. Chronic psychological problems, depressions, strange phobias, addictions, etc.

5. Feeling out of control of your life/yourself

6. Feeling controlled by others, outside circumstances

7. History of playing the victim role in relationships

8. History of Vampiric relationships, others are always taking your energy, money, love etc.

9. Sleep problems, insomnia, nightmares etc., either currently or as childhood memories

10. No childhood memories

11. Waking up and feeling paralyzed and/or sensing a presence in the room

12. History of physical, sexual, or Satanic Ritual Abuse, either current or in childhood

13. Abnormal sexual appetites, sexual addictions, obsessions, compulsions, etc.

14. Hearing voices/sounds/clicks in your ear

15. Missing time, loss of memory, especially after visiting secluded places

16. Strange marks on your body or on family members

17. Strange circumstances surrounding pregnancy or miscarriage

18. Dreams about strange-looking children that you mothered.

19. Your child tells you wild stories or has nightmares

20. Your child mentions anything about aliens or expresses fear of them

21. Flashes of memories that you can’t explain or seem strange

22. Sighting of UFOs, landing of UFOs, contact with UFOs

23. You have many friends that are UFO buffs

24. You live in an area where they have many UFO sightings

25. You have a history of many emotional highs and lows in your life

26. Visits from “aliens” either in dream time or when half asleep

27. Visits from Men-in-Black or from government types that don’t feel right

28. Feelings of being watched or followed

29. Personality type shows high levels of anxiety, fear and paranoia

30. Personality type very defensive

31. You’ve had close relationship with someone who fits these symptoms

32. One other area I want to give special attention to is government employment or extended

       Military service, particularly within Intelligence Community or Homeland Security. People

       And their families in these categories tend to be a favorite target for Alien Abduction and

       Also what is called “Government Programmed Multiple” via secret government brain


What about our government? Are they covering up?

Although everyone may not be a UFO Abductee or Grey Abductee, every Lightholder should continually say a prayer for our government to admit their cover-up. It is pretty common knowledge within the UFO community that a treaty was signed with the Greys by our government in 1954. To give them the benefit of the doubt, I don’t believe they knew what they were really letting us in for. Since they were not given full knowledge, technically the agreement could be null and void.

The problem is the Greys are certainly not going to tell our government they don’t have to continue honoring it and since the government represents the people, technically that agreement made us all potential UFO Abductees aka Grey Abductees. Remember that what makes the Alien Abductions possible is a soul agreement either overt or by allowance. Although this problem may not directly affect you, potentially an agreement has been made in your name and secondly, if 40% of the American public and 60% of the Canadian public is affected, that puts many people in positions of foreign occupation all around us and most of them are not aware how they are controlled. The Greys, through their UFO Abductees, control and influence many people, they are a sleeping army just waiting to play out whatever agenda the Grey Aliens will play in these end days.

This article is an excerpt from my book, Implants and Imprints: A Healer’s View of Ascension Clearing by Commander Alexandriah Stahr, self-published January 1996. It is available for sale in the Services Store.

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