Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing with Alexandriah Stahr starts with Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal & triggers the process of FREEDOM from The MATRIX.  

Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing is Alexandriah Stahr’s energy healing and soul clearing work with the Ashtar Command and the Collective Christ. For over 30 years Alexandriah Stahr has both pioneered the original Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process and the ongoing Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Technology she uses to help her clients Get FREE from The MATRIX.  Alexandriah upgrades and updates the Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Process as she is guided to do so by the Ashtar Command and the Collective Christ.

In the beginning, Alien Implants and Imprints were removed and identified by Alexandriah Stahr one by one as they revealed themselves to her through the clients who came to her for help. After doing it this way for some time, the Ashtar Command gave Alexandriah the ability to remove these Alien Implants and Imprints collectively. Alexandriah transferred that technology onto an audio tape that enabled people to remove the first level of Implants and Imprints by listening to the tape. The tape acted as both a preliminary clearing for lower level Implants and Imprints and also as follow-up clearing for those who went through the 2 Week Fast Track Program. In addition, the audio tape was created in two different versions, one for the more general removal of Spiritual Limitation Devices and the other specifically designed to deal with Grey Implants and Imprints of Grey Abductees.

As referenced in other articles, the dark forces attempted to distort this technology by sending a person posing as a client named Greg Mize, who published the written words from the tape on the internet and signed his name to it. He deliberately misled people into believing that he was the author. When I discovered this plagiarism, I withdrew the tape from distribution and returned to removing people’s Alien Implants and Imprints only during private phone sessions. This way I can be sure that my clients are receiving the healing technology as it was originally meant to be.

The full version of the Alien Implant Removal Process is and always has been included in Alexandriah Stahr’s 2 Week Fast Track and is the pre-requisite for entering into the Monthly Star Team Program for ongoing and continuous Karma Clearing with the Ashtar Command. The Monthly Star Team Program is sponsored by Lord Sananda, the Ashtar Command and the Collective Christ. The Monthly Star Team Program has always been the most affordable way for people to receive the continuous benefits of what is given to Alexandriah Stahr by the Ashtar Command and the Star Team Masters.  

Alexandriah’s healing practice continued this way until 1999 when the movie, The MATRIX, came out and it was revealed to Alexandriah Stahr that the story line that the movie is based on is true. That truth is that all of humanity is trapped within a virtual reality created by Lucifer for the purpose of controlling and manipulating reality and stealing the life force energies of humanity to power Lucifer’s anti-creation called The MATRIX. Lucifer needs this energy because he and his followers do NOT have access to it by Order of Original Mother Father Creator Source.

For clarification, The MATRIX refers to the collective virtual reality in which all of humanity is born into and which is in the process of being dismantled by the Collective Christ.  “A” MATRIX is a single program that creates a specific experience of reality which Alexandriah can remove during her personal Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Phone Sessions and through the ongoing MATRIX Clearing of her Monthly Star Team Program.

When The MATRIX Reality was revealed in 1999, Alexandriah started using the hyphenated name Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing to describe her work.  The Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process was upgraded again to treat the Implant Reality as a MATRIX Program that could be removed all at once along with The MATRIXES that contain the unChristed Contracts and Agreements that hold the Alien Implants and Imprints in place. This added an immediate boost to the process for the people going through the Alien Implant Removal Process. From that time forward, the Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Process, which is included in the 2 Week Fast Track Program, continues to go through regular upgrades as new information is revealed.

From 1999 through 2008 Alexandriah continued to develop her Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Programs. She revealed, only to her clients, the extent of her work with the Ashtar Command and the dismantling of the Planetary MATRIX. In 2008, as much of the preliminary work was completed, Commander Ashtar broke his silence about The MATRIX and the Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing work that Alexandriah was doing and started channeling messages about The MATRIX, through Alexandriah Stahr. When the time was right, Commander Ashtar instructed Alexandriah to release his messages to the general public. These messages about the dismantling of the Planetary MATRIX, have been published by Alexandriah, in her books Planetary Updates Volumes 1, 2 and 3. These messages outline the Ashtar Command Mission from 2008 through 2014. Volume 4, which documents the work during 2015 and 2016 is still a work in progress. These books can be purchased in the Services Store for those who desire to know more about the current Ashtar Command Mission of dismantling the MATRIX and Freeing Humanity by 2045.

Alexandriah Stahr has always done Planetary Work with the Collective Christ, as directed by Lord Sananda and the Ashtar Command. This has always been the real work. The private work that Alexandriah does with clients is made possible by the Planetary Work she does first in private with the Ashtar Command and then is added to her Monthly Star Team Program for her clients.

To learn more about how Alexandriah Stahr’s Alien Implant Removal Process and Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing work can benefit you in your life, schedule a First Time Caller Special with Alexandriah Stahr.