The MATRIX spans and divides All of Reality. The MATRIX is the opposing reality created by Lucifer to rebel against the Divine Plan of Original Mother-Father Creator Source.

The MATRIX is the unChristed Duality Reality we all live in, created by Lucifer after the Luciferion Rebellion, to steal energy and control and limit reality and by extension humanity.  Later as The MATRIX spread, like a virus in a computer system, a special MATRIX was created to control and manipulate both Christed and unChristed Souls within all humanity. Here on Earth it controls and affects all that we experience and is the cause of all human misery.

The Planetary Ascension is about Returning the Earth and all humanity to the Christ Vibration of Original Mother-Father Creator Source.  To do that, the inner programming of humanity within The MATRIX must change.  This then is the purpose of Alexandriah Stahr’s Work with the true Ashtar Command. Her work is to remove the unChristed Programming of The MATRIX within humanity and those who seek her services so that we can return to our original Divine Blueprint of Christed Adam Kadmon Humans.  

The History of The MATRIX

In the beginning, there was only the Divine Plan of Original Mother Father Creator Source and the Christ Child ( Son Daughter within) which contains all within the Divine Plan. The one known as Lucifer carried the Seeds of Rebellion within himself and wanted what belonged to Original Mother Father Creator Source for himself alone.  He convinced 1/3 of the Heavenly Host to join him in the Luciferion Rebellion so that they could create an opposing reality separate from the Original Divine Plan. Of course the Luciferion Rebellion ended badly with 1/3 of the Heavenly Host being cast out of the heavens and being cut off from the Christed Creation Energies of Original Mother-Father Creator Source.  Without the Christed Creation Energies, they were powerless and needed to find another way to create and power their opposing reality.  They created The MATRIX as a way to steal the Christed Energies of souls still loyal to Original Mother-Father Creator Source. They used these energies to power their unChristed Creation they called The MATRIX.
All souls are subject to the control and manipulation of The MATRIX until the End of the Time of Allowance of Duality which occurred on 12.31.12. Although Original Mother Father Creator Source, in their Mercy, allowed Lucifer to rebel and play out Duality, a time limit was put on it. This time limit called the "Time of Allowance" is now over. The "End of the Time of Allowance of Duality," was marked, as decreed by Original Mother-Father Creator Source, as 12.31.12. The Ashtar Command, as the representative of the Collective Christ, is tasked with the job of dismantling The MATRIX and managing the process of  freeing all of humanity from The MATRIX Reality.  This process will take time and continue until the year 2045 when all of humanity will finally be Free!  Until that time Alexandriah Stahr, works with the Ashtar Command to channel through the technology for all those souls who seek accelerated Freedom From The MATRIX by 2045.  

The picture below is by the artist, Alex Grey.  I find it to be a very good visual representation of how The MATRIX affects the Earth. The right side represents the Christ Vibration and “Positive and Beneficial Earth” and the left side represents the unChristed conflicts and limitations of The MATRIX Earth.

The MATRIX Tree of Life as the MATRIX

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