Star-Essence Temple of Living Light is the new name for Star-Esseenia Temple of Ascension Mastery, founded by Rev. Alexandriah Stahr in 1992.  Star-Essence Temple is a 501-c3 Non-Denominational Spiritual Organization, dedicated to revealing the Christ-Consciousness within individuals on an Independent Spiritual Path and the development of the spiritual healing and clearing tools necessary to assist them on their path.

Star-Essence Temple of Living Light is a Christ Conscious healing ministry for people on the Independent Spiritual Path of Ascension. It is a church without walls and without dogma and is instead a spiritual network of Christ Conscious individuals dedicated to healing and developing themselves and Getting Free From the MATRIX and then holding the Christ Vibration so that all of Humanity can get Free From the MATRIX by 2045 .  

Rev. Alexandriah Stahr is the founder and director of the Star-Essence of Living Light.  Rev. Alexandriah Stahr is the Christ Conscious Channel for all the healing energies and techniques offered through the Star Essence Temple of Living Light which are given to her though telepathic communication with Lord Sananda, the Ashtar Command and the Collective Christ.

Rev. Alexandriah Stahr is the author of multiple books about her healing work including Implants and Imprints: A Healer’s View of Ascension Healing originally self published in 1996. It is available here on this website in the Services Store. is Alexandriah Stahr’s oldest website, which has been up since 1996.

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